vid2vid-cameo demo:
face-vid2vid: One-Shot Free-View Neural Talking-Head Synthesis for Video Conferencing

[Paper] [arXiv] [Video]

Check out our howto video for using the demo. [link]

To run the demo, you can either use the default images or upload your own image. Please do the following steps.

  1. If you use the default images, simply click on one of Image # buttons.
  2. If you choose to upload your own image, please first click Choose File then click Upload. Then please draw a rectangle to cover the head region over the image. Simply left-click the mouse, drag, and release.
  3. Specify the desired head rotation angles by scrolling the bars.
  4. Click on Rotate. The result should appear on the right inside the red rectangle.
Head rotation angles
pitch (down/up):
yaw (left/right):
roll (clockwise/counterclockwise):

Eye rotation angles

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