Lumos Demo

Learning to Relight Portrait Images via a Virtual Light Stage and Synthetic-to-Real Adaptation

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Check out our howto video for using the demo. [link]

To run the demo, you can either use the default images or upload your own image. Please do the following steps.

  1. If you use the default images, simply click on one of the face images below.
  2. If you choose to upload your own image, please first click Choose File then click Upload. Then please draw a rectangle to cover the head region over the image. Simply left-click the mouse, drag, and release.
  3. Select one of the provided HDR maps by clicking on one of the HDR images.
  4. Specify the desired HDR rotation angle by scrolling the bar.
  5. Click on Relight. The result should appear on the right inside the red rectangle.

HDR rotation angle

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If something is wrong with the demo, please create an issue.